On behalf of Glenville State College, it is my pleasure to thank you for your consideration to participate in our Founder’s Day of Giving crowdfunding campaign. All of our programs have had a long history of success, and we are happy to provide this fundraising platform to support the College’s future.

Each identified program has a dedicated fundraising page that you can access and share. We are asking the Pioneer Nation to share our fundraising link with their social networks through Facebook, Twitter, and email, and to consider making a gift to support the program(s) of their choice.

Simply select the program(s) you wish to support and click your preferred social media icons on the website. A custom post will be created for you to share this with your friends and family.

We have included our mailing address below for those of you who prefer to donate that way; and we will be happy to link your gift to the program’s webpage. Should you wish to remain anonymous, as far as social media is concerned, that is ok too, simply let us know when you send in your contribution.

All gifts will have an immediate impact for our programs, teams, and students. Gifts received through this campaign will be used to enhance each of the program’s specific needs – allowing our campus community to reach new levels of success.

Disclaimer: All donations will go to the Glenville State College Foundation, and to their respective programs, not to the students personally or for specific student use.