Matching Gifts and Challenges for GSC Founders Day of Giving 2020

General Meritorious Matching Gift

Unlock $20,000 for the General Meritorious Scholarship Fund once 20 gifts are made for Scholarships

– Sponsored by Mary Lee McPherson -

Women’s Softball Matching Gift

All gifts to Glenville State College Softball will be matched up to $500

- Sponsored by Mr. John Beckvold -

Student Social Media Challenge

Bonus $500 for the Annual Fund once 100 students share the Founders Day of Giving Page on social media using #GSCGIVEDAY2020.

-Sponsored by Glenville Auto -

Citizens Bank of Weston Challenge

Bonus Gift from Citizens Bank of Weston once 129 gifts of $20.20 or more are made to GSC from Citizens Bank of Weston Clients.

GSC Athletics Matching Gift

BONUS GIFT for PIONEER ATHLETIC CLUB once all 17 teams raise $2,000

- Anonymous Donor -

GSC Board Member Challenge

Interim President Dr. Kathleen Nelson challenges all GSC Board Members to make a gift during the 2020 Day of Giving!

Dr. Kathleen Nelson will donate the first $1,000 to the President’s Circle
Pioneer Showcase Matching Gift

Glenville State College Provost, Dr. Gary Morris will generously donate first $1,200 to the Pioneer Showcase Fund